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Focused on individual digitization

Focus on needs and requirements

How do we do it? By focusing on our customers and taking their needs seriously. Since every industry is different, and every company is unique, it is not helpful to offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept with the same ideas and products to everyone. We formulate a clear, coherent and tailored digitization strategy for our customers. We listen. We analyze. We structure. Only then – and only if necessary – do we implement our flexible, system-compatible, affordable software. A product we developed, can offer at any time and can customize as required, as a whole, or in parts as needed.

Our recipe for success is based on consideration for individual needs, focusing on the requirements of our customers as well as long-term experience and project knowledge in a wide range of industries. We hold intensive talks with the competent departments, identify entities, determine the optimal approach for the company, and implement it systematically. We convert analog data to digital data, prepare all decision-relevant information, systematize it and then compile it in a clear, comprehensible and transparent structure.

Margin note

How we do it

Businesses and the industries they operate in are typically unique. Nevertheless, streamBASE has developed a fixed methodology to address corporate digitization in five transparent and structured phases:

Phase 1: Data modeling

Phase 2: Data collection and standardization

Phase 3: Communication and employee involvement

Phase 4: Process identification and optimization

Phase 5: Implementation and application of the newly created possibilities