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Plea for Digitization

“Innovations and technological changes hold enormous opportunities – as well as risks. For instance, the projects we undertake to address them may go wrong, or the visions we want to achieve may turn out failures. But isn’t it a far greater danger to stay with obsolete structures, close our minds to innovation, and let potentially fantastic opportunities pass us by? How is it that so many people still prefer to ‘fail passively’ over staying flexible, learning and trying out new things, attempting to improve, and yes, to maybe occasionally experiencing an ‘active fail’?

Our age is as fast-paced as never before. We are constantly confronted with new challenges, the largest of which currently is digitization. These changes and their effects are so monumental that sticking our heads in the sand is not an option. The advantages that “courageous people” can achieve compared to the disadvantages suffered by “waverers” are enormous. That means we cannot simply ignore the issue or sit it out.

Digitization strategy with a sense of proportion

And why would we? Let’s explore digitization! Let’s accept it! Digitization is not only exciting and inspiring, but above all, offers unforeseen possibilities, new perspectives and transformation. Digitization is absolutely not reserved exclusively for global corporations and large companies. On the contrary, it is a particular opportunity for SMEs, but they need a sensible digitization strategy, which must be individually developed with a sense of proportion and expertise.

When we accept this idea and get a first glimpse of the vast opportunities inherent in digitization, fears and skepticism will easily turn into enthusiasm and euphoria. Those who manage to intelligently incorporate digitization into their (professional) life and business processes will very quickly see amazing effects. Unprofitable, declining business areas can be translated into modern and viable units to leverage opportunities. You can derive vast benefits from process optimization and automation to become a winner in this new, digital and networked world.

Use the opportunities of digitization – but remain critical

Opening up to new technologies does not mean to simply accept everything that comes along, without critical assessment. Of course, you should ask questions and choose wisely from the abundance of offers. The challenge is to find your place in a changing environment, identify the optimal degree of digitization for your company, and secure the success and longevity of the company in the long term. That means using for your own purposes what is effective and eliminate what holds you back or is even harmful.

Digitization is not a ‘project’ with a fixed end. It is also not a separate, demarcated area. Instead, it means continuous movement and change because digitization is a process that has long been underway and affects all areas of life. No one is exempt. Some may be affected more than others, but digitization is already part of our reality and will stay with us from now on.”

Dirk Zundel
Founder und CEO